Conditional visibility showing when status is archived


I have a question about conditional visibility

I made a simple example

The example I made is about cars,
It contains 2 cms’s cars and prices
Cars with reference to prices to get the price.
On the cms page cars I made a block with the name of the car and within that block a red div with the price of the car.
I want the red div to show or not when the price is set and published.
and I don’t want it to be shown when the price is set but archived.

within the car cms, I tried 3 things.
Cars 1 > price ( i removed the price) = no more div
Cars 2 > price ( i archived this one) = the price isn’t shown but the red div is and don’t want that :stuck_out_tongue:
Cars 3-5 > price ( is filled in so is showed correctly.)

So my question = is it possible to use the status of a cms item to use the conditional visibility or when there is a workaround i would like to know :smiley: ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @argogiant :slightly_smiling_face:

At the moment, all car items are ‘published’ and not ‘archived’ - but i’m guessing the reason is that you still want to show all cars, but be able to add your own kind of ‘archive’ status?

The easiest way I can think of is to add a ‘Switch’ field in the Cars collection ‘Archived’ On/Off.

Then set conditional visibility on the the red text div: ‘is visible when’ - ‘Archive is Off’

Hope that helps?

Thats correct all car items are published but i referenced the cars to another cms prices and the price that is linked to car 2 is archived.

and i know that is a work around but it cost me a cms field so there should be an easier fix tbh.

Can I ask why you need a separate collection for the prices, why they can’t be a field for each car?

In the current setup, it looks like you will need to un-reference the archived price in Car 2.

I see your point though, you would expect an archived reference item to not register. However the condition is on the field being ‘set’, not it’s status…

Its only an example i made to explain my problem.

On the site were i need this fix for we sell courses.
The courses cms is already filled and i reference it to al the diffrent startdates that course has.
So the courses are linked to a coursedate cms but that is already using 20+ fields

what i would like to see is
element is visible when … > cms reference > status is not archived