Conditional Visibility, Server Side Work Around?

I’m trying to make the Netflix for sheet music. This means that each row has a collection list which has conditional visibility. The issue is that each collection list is still loading all of the items which are turned off (per the condition).
I think this is a Webflow issue but is there any way to have a work around?
Bellow are 4 items in the collection yet you can see it’s loading the entire collection.

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The only workaround would require an external source of data you could dynamically load and custom code to render it. It’s a limitation of conditionals and the fact that Webflow is not dynamic, it’s static generated pages.

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Hey again!

Have you tried limiting the collection with the limit option in the collection settings?

What I don’t know is, if the limiting occurs on the client side before or after fetching them, or if the page comes pre-populated from the server (server-side rendering)

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If I did this then I wouldn’t be able to pull from the Webflow Database?

OOOO let me try! I think this is promising

Ah well, I checked. It’s server-side rendered. Without custom logic you will not be able to only load a couple items. All you can do natively is is limit what the browser shows, but you will ship the full html anyway.

Thank you for the tip! It worked like a charm!

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Seems like the limit is used server-side. Neat!

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