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Conditional Visibility problems Need Help


I need help with a project of mine.
I’m having issues with conditional visibility with my collection list items.

In the collection “Opleidingen”, I have two items:
Item 1: Basisbekwaamheid BOA domein 1

Item 2: Basisbekwaamheid BOA domein 2

I have a collection field called “Zet deze knop aan als er meer dan 1 cursuslocatie/data moet worden weergeven”, this fields corresponds
with the conditional visibility on the page in element(s) “ag-multipledates and ag-date-single”.

If this field is turned ON this should happen:

If this field is turned OFF this should happen:

However, I’m having issues on the page with one collection item “Basisbekwaamheid BOA domein 2” (Switch is turned off): It is not showing the big blue text within the element ag-date-single .

and this collection item “Basisbekwaamheid BOA domein 1” corresponds like it should (Switch is turned on):

I noticed you are not able to change the switch in the field when you are previewing it via a share link,
however I still hope you can help me out.
I’ve been stuck on this problem for more than a week,
and webflow support doesn’t seem to acknowledge my problem.

This is my sharelink

Screenshare of my problem