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Conditional visibility on social links in CMS blog

This is a question about my blog, but I think it’s relevant to every team page.
I created an authors collection. I’d like to show the author’s social links, but not all authors have all 3 links (For example one have a GitHub and Facebook link, but not Twitter). I want to make the link icon visible only if the link is not empty.
Can I add a condition like that? It seems like I don’t have access to the fields from the author collection in the condition drop-down (only fields from the blog post collection). How should I do it?

Thank you, Asaf

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hey @LupoAsaf,

Like this ?

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Exactly, @zbrah. But I don’t see GitHub Link or any other field from the author

collection in the drop-down. How did you do that?

@LupoAsaf Oh i think i understood sorry i didn’t realized you were on the blog post template.
You can only do that kind of thing on the author template. (on the template of the collection concerned)
I don’t know why but it’s like that :man_shrugging:

I have a small fix for you which should work, but i get it’s not as simple for your client.
You can add switch button in your collection, one for each link.
Then set if button is off, show social icon, if button is on don’t show or the inverse (the idea being the client should push the button very occasionally).
Hope this helps,

Thank you, @zbrah. That’s a wise idea, but I’ll think I’ll take your first suggestion and show the links only in the author’s page. That’s good enough.
All the best, Asaf

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Unrelated to this topic, specifically, but where in the world is that conditional visibility selection?

I think you should select the item and not the collection (in the navigator), @Cricitem. Then, the conditional visibility would appear in the settings tab.48

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