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Conditional visibility on page load

Hi all! I am building this site:

And what I want to do is when you click on the dropdown in the header, whatever you select, it takes you to the suppliers page with only those tags filtered.

So by going on ‘Leadership’ - you only see the suppliers that have the leadership tag.

Any ideas on how to do this?

p.s. I am a code noob so be gentle. THANKS!

Hi @TwoGuysCreative, you not needed a code. All what you want you can do visually and intuitively with standard Webflows component. See how it realized on free template:

It will also be useful to study the CMS collection for these lessons:

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Thanks for this! The thing is I don’t want separate pages for each tag - I want a universal providers page page like this:

But the button on the homepage needs to direct you to this page but with the filter in place. Which is why I think there may need to be some coded button that makes something visible on load?

With the dropdown on the providers page I have set it so that each dropdown link makes a CMS block visible with the filter in place and the rest invisible. So I need to do that, but with a button link from a different page. If that makes sense?

@TwoGuysCreative if so, that you can create tab for this tags and switch it by clicking on link using custom code. For example you can read about it here:

and here:

You sir… are a genius! Thanks for your help.
I used the second link you shared to get it working =]


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