Conditional visibility not functioning properly

Hey all,
I set conditional visibility so the page should only show products that are on SALE. However it is only showing two products, whereas there are more products that is on sale. And for some reason products are shown on the right side of the page.

Can anyone help? Read only link is below.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello Malik,

The porblem doesn’t come from the filter but from de design of the elements. I delete all your card and put a tittle and an image in the collection list. And the filter show products.

See pics

In this king of case my advice is to rebuilt everything

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Thank you @Romuald_Jay
I wanted to verify before I delete and re-build it.
My problem is with the “conditional visibility”, not with the “filter.”

Could you confirm you also tested conditional visibility? I mean, using conditional visibility to show only items where “compare to price is set”. Because your screenshot shows the filter, not the conditional visibility, so I wanted to make sure.


I think you can do the same experiment : delete the card rebuilt simple card for testing and apply filters.

Duplicate the page to make test and not lose the desing work on the card. And don’t forget that there is backup versions of your site : have a look at it in the settings of the project.

Have fun

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Hey @Romuald_Jay I don’t know if you still remember this issue :slight_smile:

I duplicated and re-created the design.

I still have the issue, the “hidden” collection items are still causing empty gaps. This only happens when I select the Collection List layout to be three columns, see the red-circled on the screenshot.

Any idea how can I keep the three-column layout but the items hidden by conditional visibility shouldn’t cause gaps?

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