Conditional visibility not displaying images below certain breakpoint

Hi, I’ve got an issue on a client’s site where some images are not displaying below the 480px breakpoint.

Quick explainer: the website is for a building company, and the CMS page(s) are for different home designs. Some designs have one version others have two and some three. So, I’ve built the template page with three layout options and these are selected using the conditional visibility function.

I’ve got everything working fine, except below 480px the floorplan image is not displaying (but everything else is working fine). The odd thing here (and why I think this has something to do with the conditional visibility function), is that if I publish a change while I have a template page open of a certain layout (say layout 1), then all instances of layout 1 will correctly display the floorplan image below 480px. But the house designs using layout 2 and layout 3 will not display the floorplan image. And, then if I re-publish the site with a house design using layout 2 open, then all home designs using layout 2 will correctly display the floorplan - but designs using layouts 1 and 3 will no longer display the floorplan image.

Also worth noting: The top section of the page (which is not affected by the conditional visibility settings) uses some javascript code that allows me to create a slider pulling images from a multi-reference field in the CMS - I’ve set it up using this code as it will display a varying number of images for each home design. I’m not sure if this code is affecting the issue outlined above.

Any help on this is super appreciated.

Thanks - read only below

Did you ever find a solution? I’m running into the exact same issue. So strange.