Conditional Visibility interactions between CMS collections

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone might be able to help with interactions between two CMS collections.

I work for a recruitment agency in New Zealand and at any given time we’ll have ~100 jobs coming into our site and being added into a specific CMS collection.

We have individual team pages which are also built in a CMS.

For the CMS Collection Page of the individual team members, I am wanting to add in the CMS List for the Jobs CMS to display job listings on their profiles, however I want the visibility of items to only appear if the Job Owner field matches the team member in question.

i.e. if Job Owner (CMS Collection 1) = Team Member Name (CMS Collection 2) then display all roles, otherwise don’t.

Do you know if there’s a way that this can be achieved with the current CMS interactions?

Hopefully this makes sense.

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Hey Bryan, I can help you map this out over a coffee if you’re in the Auckland CBD sometime.

Basically, you’re trying to use the CMS as a relational database, which is not what it’s designed for. The features you need like queryability, secure access controls, etc just aren’t there.

Also, the UX provided by User Accounts gating, etc won’t give you much of a foundation to work with out-of-the-box. I sometimes extend these to give User Accounts a lot more power, but in your case your needs for a more versatile datastore and UX suggest that you instead want to go towards Wized and maybe Xano / Firestore / Airtable etc. for that.

Trying to use the CMS might seem cheaper on a monthly basis but the cost of the infrastructure and limitations you’d face would far exceed it.

If security is really not a concern at all, and you can overcome all of your other issues including the identification of the team & job owner, ( Memberstack, or User Accounts + SA5 ), you could achieve your controlled view using Finsweet’s CMS Load + CMS Filter and set the job owner filter as a hidden criteria, in code. There are a few tricks to making that work seamlessly, but it can be done.

Hey Michael,

Cheers for that. I may have to mull it over some and see if there’s an alternative option for displaying roles - sounds like that may be a lot of work which I might circle back to down the track depending on needs of work/the business.

Appreciate the offer to catch up for coffee - I’ll shout you one once I come back to looking at this as an option!



Well, Webflow doesn’t provide a framework for it if that’s what you mean, but the work isn’t especially difficult. It just takes an understanding of where the framework needs to be extended, and how to do it to create a more robust solution.

The “easy” but less robust way is the Finsweet Filter approach, and if you’re after a minimum viable product for a proof-of-concept launch you might be able to start there.

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