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Conditional Visibility in Tabs

Hi. Wondering if it’s possible to hide a tab that has no content.

I’m filling the actual tabs (divs above the content) with images pulled from image fields in a collection. The content below the tab is also filled with the same images. (Thumbnails are just reduced in size.) Most pages will have five images / five thumbnails. However some will only have three or four. I’m wondering if it is possible to hide the tab and the tab’s content based on whether or not those image fields in my collection are empty or not.

Right now Webflow is only giving me four options in the Conditional Visibilty dropdown. All of them are text fields that I created for the collection. None of them are image fields.

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Never mind. I figured it out. There is a scroll bar on the right of that dropdown menu that contains all the field names. (I’m referring to the dropdown from the Conditional Visibility part of the Settings panel.) Didn’t notice it at first. Just had to scroll down, find the image field name and click it.

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