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Conditional Visibility for spans works in the Designer but not on published site

Hey guys,

I created a span element within a headline and gave a specific class to that span.
Now i have a switch within my collection and marked the conditional visibility as on, when that switch is set to on.

Problem now is:

I can see it within my designer and preview but not on the live published site. There all span elements are shown.

You can see it here:

Screenshot from my designer

Live Site

Public Link

Any ideas what I m missing or doing wrong?


I also saw conditional visibility working for spans in the Designer but after refreshing/publishing the conditional visibility settings were removed. :frowning:

Will this be supported? @Waldo @bart

Designer (working as expected)

After refresh (conditional visibility is removed)

Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss and @thewonglv conditional visibility settings are not supported on micro nodes like spans, we’re working on a bug fix to make sure that the conditional visibility settings do not display when micro nodes (like text or link spans) are selected.

For now you will need to use an individual text element/link element per conditional field.

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