Conditional visibility for dynamic rich text

I have an optional rich text field (“School description”) fed into a collection via Airtable (displayed under “About Los Angeles Skills Academy - Santa Fe” in the read-only link). I’m trying to make the whole block invisible if “School description” is not set for an item, however when I enable this condition, the block still shows. If I check the collection, the value for School description is a space and a newline. It has no value in Airtable.

I’ve tried changing the condition to if “School description” does not equal " " but this also doesn’t work.

I’ve found a couple of previous discussions in the forums where people have filed this as a bug as well. Wondering if anyone has found a good workaround or if Webflow team has a timeline for when to fix this. Or, can I set a conditional visibility around a newline?

Hey @gobears

Looked at your site and the conditional field is setup correctly.

The space and line break mean that the conditional visibility sees the field as not empty. How are you syncing the data from Airtable into the CMS? Check and see if there is an extra line break introduced there that is being sent to the rich text field.

Some automation utilities like Zapier and Airtable have functions or formatting that will remove the extra “white space” at the beginning and end of text strings.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! The field in Airtable is blank (no line break) but can look into a Zapier formatting step