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Conditional Visibility - can't get to work on a wrapper


I am displaying a collection group of items and only want the items displayed that have a logo added because this means the business is running a promotion I want to display. Therefore, conditional visibility = display the list item if a logo has been set. This works for the fields themselves but not the wrapper. I have lots of blank wrappers where there are no logos/therefore content.

When I select the wrapper to edit the styles, the condition visibility option is not available, it only appears if I click a collection field.

Currently it looks like this (see the white empty boxes), I am trying to make the boxes disappear too not just their contents:

I hope I’ve explained this ok and that this is possible and would love to hear any clues on how to achieve this. Many thanks.

Here is my public share link:

and the page is called “Test”

Can only be done using custom code. Perhaps simply unpublish/draft those items that are not ready to be displayed?

Hello @Kulsha

I would suggest two things:

If you don’t want to show items on a list use the option “draft” as it was mentioned or

Show a generic text like “Your promo can be here” and make a condition visibility that if the logo is not set then it will appear:

Just some ideas.

Hi @samliew, thanks so much for responding. Problem in my case if I unpublish those items then they won’t appear on other pages where I use the same collection for different fields (eg I have other spots using same collection items for general banners - not promo’s).

Your suggestion has got me thinking though… Perhaps I need to assign the ones that I want published on my promo page to have a category reference field set to them and then call up the collection to only display those items in that category… It’s not ideal as I would then need to create another separate collection for the 2 categories (promo and standard) and I wanted to keep things less cluttered with collections, but has me thinking about a workaround anyway. I appreciate your help, thanks again.

Hi @aaronocampo, thanks for your suggestions! As mentioned I can’t put them on draft because then those businesses would not appear on other pages where they are used for other display purposes using different fields (I also have a standard listing too) …

Your generic text idea is really interesting and I didn’t think of that. I will think it through a way I can promote my own website/services in those spots somehow ! Thanks for the screenshot and demonstrating this. Much appreciated!

an alternative is to have a toggle field.

@samliew, oh yes thank you I will try that! I didn’t realise the toggle field was one of the methods you could display a collection. Can’t wait to try, that would be the best solution I think.