Conditional visibility based on presence of text

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help. We are a recruitment agency and use Zapier to zap jobs from our job board software across to a CMS in Webflow.

Included in this zap is 3 specific fields which are ‘job highlights’ and are all text based.

I want to create a few standout CTAs on the Job Cards as they display on the website, i.e. “Salary is visible on this role” but obviously only want it to display on roles where the salary is visible. I would apply to same condition for when flexibility is available or WFH functionality.

You can view the Job Cards on this page:

As you’ll see, there’s currently a line of text that says “Recently listed - be an early applicant” which I’m wanting to keep on all of them, but then I want other lines to pop up depending on the contents of the ad.

Is there a way that I can create all these text fields on the job ads, and make them conditionally visible based on the inclusion of specific words? I’m looking for something like:

“Salary is visible for this role” is visible if Field 1, Field 2 or Field 3 contains “Salary”

Please let me know if this is too vague and I can try explain further/showcase.

You can do that with custom code.

However normally the ideal way to do this is to make your data match your view goals so that the native conditional vis can be used properly.

For example, you have a switch field “salary visible”, and you toggle that to show/hide your element. Or you put the salary in a separate field, and you base your CV on whether that field is populated / empty.

I’d recommend that approach if you can, but if not then custom code is your go to plan.

Hey there,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately as we have hundreds of jobs coming through on a daily basis from clients, there is no clean way to guarantee exact data match via input which is why I’m trying to find a solution that works to detect certain words in job listings to trigger the outcome.

I may have to explore the custom code route and see what can be done!

If the clients are entering the data, you’d just constrain the options in the UI, like have a separate salary field that you key off of for your UX.

If it’s raw data that you’re feeding in then yeah, conversion is a mess. Drop me a line if you need some dev work on that, I’m working through the holidays this year.