Conditional visibility based on page of collection list

Hello fellow Webflow-ers:

I have a collection template page (terpenes) where I would like an element to only be visible on that page if it is that collection item’s page. To be more specific, I have EIGHT total items (terpenes) in the collection. I have eight elements that correspond to data in a separate products collection (terpenes is a multi-ref collection connected to products). When a user loads the page for item 1, I would like it so that element 1 loads. When a user loads the page for item 2, I would like it for element 2 to load.

Using conditional visibility on the element that sets it visible based on whether or not the products multi-reference field equals the name of that particular collection page’s item doesn’t work completely because it’s multi-reference (i.e., the element still shows up sometimes when a product has multiple terpenes) and I only want it to show up on the specific PAGE of the collection list item.

Any thoughts?

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