Conditional Visibility based on if Staff has a blog post entered

Hello, (share link below)

  • I have a collection of STAFFS and BLOG POSTS.
  • I am assigning the “author” of the BLOG POST as a reference to the STAFF collection. Easy enough.

On the STAFF collection page though, I want to show blog posts by the staff member - Also easy enough, just a quick filter.

Here’s where I’m stuck:
I ONLY want to show that section IF they have a blog post, authored by them.

I can’t seem to figure that one out.

Here is my public share link: [Webflow - SpotOnTherapy]

Hey @Bradpaulp – I would try adding a mult-reference of the Blog Posts in the Staffs collection list where you can add all the associated blog posts with each Staff. Then you would be able to set the conditional visibility of that section to off.

You could also add a Switch in the Staffs list that the user turns on once that person has a blog post- then you could tie the conditional visibility of the section to that switch.

I know neither are ideal/clean solutions, but that’s what I’d try.