Conditional forms with autoresponder

Hi there, I’m new to Webflow and freshly switching from Wordpress to experiment with some things to see if webflow is the right tool for the future. I have a customer who is using a contact form with conditional fields AND an HMTL styled autoresponder.

She’s a trainer and you can book courses via contact form (pick from dropdown). Some courses require additional info (conditional fields). When you send the email you get a nice styled kind of newsletter with the summary of the infos you provided and the course you chose in the form. At the moment this is made with contact form 7 for Wordpress which supports all these features at once.

How would you best set this up in webflow? Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @pniehaus,

So I don’t think you can use a Wordpress plug in in Webflow. So you will have to use another service for the forms, now you can use multiple forms in webflow, for different services. However, you can’t use logic in Webflow forms yet, logic is coming soon(no specific date yet). If you need logic now for your forms you can embed forms from other form builders like Typeform. I hope this helps.

Hi Pablo, thanks for the fast answer. But it makes me sad. This is a crucial function for my client and this way seems to be much more complicated. I didn’t expect Wordpress Plugins to work in Webflow. In fact I wanted to get away from it, hoping Webflow was providing a build in solution.