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Conditional Formatting for items within CMS list

Hello wonderful community :slight_smile:

Looking for a bit of help with a site I’ve been working on. The site is, and it’s for a non-profit environmental protection group. For action items that visitors can engage with, there are 4 “Legacy” actions that are always running, and then more time-sensitive “Active” campaigns.

On the homepage, they’d like it so that, IF there is an active campaign with a deadline, to show only the campaigns that fit that criteria. If there ARE NOT any with a deadline, they’d like to have the legacy ones show up.

Problem is that the blocks that contain either of those types of actions don’t seem to offer the “Conditional Visibility” in the side panel, so I can’t just set when they show or not. Does anyone have a workaround?

All the campaigns are listed in the same CMS, with the differentiator being whether a Closing Date exists, and then further separated by Closing Date is after or equal to today.

Would love some assistance!

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