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Composite Products and product variants limitations

Hello community,

I have a customer asking me for an ecommerce and he have very specific needs.
I’m pretty new with Webflow so I’m not sure if that’s possible and what is the best practices to do so.
I’ve tried to search since days for clear answers but it seems the issue here is too specific and I didn’t find anything useful.

  1. I would like to have different products structures for different kinds of products I have in the store (since the products are quite different one to the other it won’t be very practical to have the same product fields for all of them)

  2. Some products will be very complex and implies more than 3 variants.

  3. The customer would like to have also a page which allows to create a custom product, so it will be a multistep process where you will chose the shape, then the material, then the color and so on. Each step imply different prices etc.
    I was thinking about including each possible choice of the different steps as a product (sort of pseudo product) and then to make them shows only when the customer was in the customization page and only according to the step they where in, so graphically it’s like creating and assembling a customized product but technically it’s just adding different, individuals products in the cart (so no variants limitations).

I’ve found also a lot of integrations like and so on… Still none of them applies perfectly to this case scenario and I’m not sure which will be the best path (if there is any at all).

May you advice me about the best (or any) possible solution ?

I’m quite new to Webflow but I have some experience with JS, JQuery, PHP and so on.
It won’t be a problem for me to hardcode part of the business logic, I just don’t know where to start and if that will land to a good result at all and I don’t want to expose my client to a false solution which doesn’t allows us to fulfill all his wishes.

Thanks a lot for your help :blush:

Hi @Michele.
Josh from Foxy here. Not for sure if we’ve chatted before, but it sounds like Foxy + Webflow may be a good fit. Feel free to send any details other details/visuals you have and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction:


Since then I’ve found a way to integrate those functionalities within Webflow using custom code.

In case anybody comes here with the same issues here is the article I wrote to explain the process: