Components that are links do not redirect


I made a component out of a link block.
I duplicated that component and set each to unique pages to be redirected too.
All that happens is I get an error saying:

“That’s not the page you are looking for…
And that’s on us.”

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hey Ben you’ll need to share your project read-only link in order for us to help you identify the problem.

Here is the link, thanks:

Click on any case study thumbnail.

Here is the link, thanks:

Click on any case study thumbnail.

I’m not seeing any pages at all, just Webflow’s 404 page.
It looks as though you’ve switched off the sharing link?

If not, something deeper is broken and you’ll need to message support for help.

It’s pretty straight forward.
I cant leave the site open to perusal unfortunately.
Any Link that’s turned into a component will only work to one destination page.
This is a deal breaker.

It has a JS animation on it from within Webflow.
It’s also random, sometimes the error message comes up, sometimes it goes to the same page repeatedly.
Components in general are not intuitive.

Sounds like you’ve setup something incorrectly. I’ve never had problems with components and links, or seen anyone else having issues here. Both the master links and the overrides work great.

Not sure what you mean by a JS animation, links aren’t animated, unless you’ve added script or built interactions.

Hi BenL,
You can check if there are any conflicting or overlapping links on your page. If there are other links on the page that overlap with the links you are trying to click, it may cause issues with the redirection. Hope this ll solve your issue.