Component properties on images

Dear Fellow Webflowers

At the moment I’m redesigning my portfolio website. On my page i created a fully functional project card with an image (film poster) inside it, so far so good, everything works fine!

Right now my idea is to create a component out of the project card, reuse it for other projects and only change, with the help of component properties, the content of the project card (images and text).

As I understand the process of creating a component property for the new project, I double click on the component (PROJECT_TEMPLATE_v1 in the image), select the element/image i wish to change and head over to Settings → Image Settings → Image and select the purple dot to create a component property for the element.

Now if i replace the image with another poster (new project) both of the project cards will change to the new poster.

Why is it changing both project images? As i understand, component properties should enable the user to change content of an image element in a component while having the same structural layout? It may very likely i missunderstood the concept of component properties.

Glad for any help & support.


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Hello @othernoise, you fixed the problem already right? because I was able to change the image on one of your cards without changing it for all the components

If you go into the component it might show you the original photo, but once you change it, it should work as expected. I hope this helps!

Hi @Pablo_Cortes

Thank you very much for your help!
I fixed the problem. i was not aware that changes have to be made on the component (rightside bar, all assign properties appear) and not insight the component.

Again thank you very much for the support!

All the best