Component isn't componenting

I made a component to use it later, but when I am trying to use it, it’s not visible.

I thought maybe the display none property has to do something with it, but I’ve tried to set it to display block, still it isn’t working!

Any help is appreciated, Thank you!

Read only link: “

Hey @khan_Abdul_rehman, so you need to pick the Menu Dish component, press on editing and when you are editing the Menu Dish Div, go to settings-visibility & user access- and then select Visible.

I hope this helps!

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Hey @Pablo_Cortes Thanks man it worked, Idk how did I missed it!

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Your welcome @khan_Abdul_rehman. Please consider marking the answer as a solution so other people with the same question can reference this post. Take care.

@Pablo_Cortes I couldn’t find the button to mark the answer as the solution! How do I do it? Take care too

You don’t have that option when clicking on the three dots at the bottom of each post? hmm? maybe they’ve removed it.

Yes @Pablo_Cortes They removed it I think because when I click the 3 dots it just shows “reply”.