Complex stores in Webflow

hi there,

I have a muse website - - and I am thinking about 1. moving it to webflow, and 2. adding a functioning e-commerce solution.

Now, the reason I write is to find out how complex the e-commerce solution work in webflow. To give an example of what I intend I would like to provide you the following link:
As you can see there multiple amounts and varieties for each product to choose from. Accordingly the price changes with each change of selection. This means a customer can put together a selection and ad this selection into the cart. This is much more complex than a single product choice-single ad to cart solution.

Will I be able to build a complex store like the one linked above with webflow without any coding experience, or will I need to hire a professional coder to help? Or am I better of elsewhere?

I already thank you very much for your time and honest opinion. If you have an example of what is possible with foxy for webflow I would be very glad.

Kind regards, Daniela

Hi @Daniela_Karin

We’re all hoping for a Webflow Ecommerce Beta later this year, but in the meantime what you’ve described sounds achievable with @foxy (i’ve used before) and maybe also @paywithplasso (whom i’ve not used before)

I’ve tagged them here so they will likely follow up very shortly or by direct message, in the meantime take a look at their integrations and tutorials. There are other options but these guys are active here on the Webflow forums, so spring to mind immediately…

Hope those are useful!

@StuM Thanks for the mention.

@Daniela_Karin It’s super nice to meet you. I just replied to your email, but wanted to reply here as well just in case someone else has similar needs.

What you’re after is definitely possible with Foxy + Webflow. In fact, you can manage your entire catalog of products, variants, etc. all without leaving Webflow.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, this page includes more information about our integration with Webflow, as well as links to Webflow specific tutorials and a free Webflow ecommerce template. But don’t worry, we’re here to help every step of the way.



You can also integrate a Shopify solution with Webflow. It has great functionality.