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Complex product layout advice please

Hello all

I have a client using Business Catalyst (BC) that I need to migrate across. This is the functionality they are looking for, just putting it out there for ideas / assistance on work arounds .
There are a lot of variants here, as every item is totally customisable. What is also tricking me is how they are calling up a price through the width/height input. Ive done this before using fixed width options in a drop-down list as a work around in BC that was just a link to another fixed width cabinet product.

the current site functionality is below, but it a layout hack to suite BC, and a bit clunky as each product has its own page (there are thousands).

This is the site my client and I prefer, as it is has better UX to get the cabinet right from the start:

I don’t have much experience in back-end design, but willing to learn / find out work-arounds.

I know Webflow Ecommerce is still in beta and variants are on the list, but will it have this level of customisation straight of the box?

Thanks in advance