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Complex CMS categorization

Hey yoo,

So I’m on my way to creating my first portfolio project. It’s going to be a blog website that guides parents & students locally about the best practices of going around the state’s educational system.

the blog in question is in Bulgarian, as this is where the primary user flow will come from, so please come back to me if you need some help translating something

Anyway, as I am creating the CMS page for the blog posts there’s a few things I’m trying to do:

  1. I’ve made up four categories based on a child’s journey - kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, higher education with their own colour (set up as a reference field in the blog post cms)
  2. I’ve created a tag section where every tag that comes to my mind gets assigned to one or more of the larger categories (setup as a multi-reference field in the blog post cms)

However when I actually add content to the blog post section (using automated content right now) the tags are allocated randomly and are not limited based on the category that has been selected, this also goes for the colour.

i.e. what I’m trying to do is that when I select a category for a blog post, I only want to be able to choose from tags associated with that category and have the colour automatically assigned by the colour of the category as I will be using this in styling later on

Here’s the link: LINK