Complex background - best way to do it?


I’m wondering what’s the best way to integrate this screen background.

It’s a full height background, containing absolute divs which are shapes with blur effects on it.

I tried to create a 100% height & width div containing my elements. But the div is not really full size, as it stops as the screen height.

My question is,
What’s the best way to integrate this background ?
Please note that the background need to be like if it’s the body’s background (not the first section one).

Hello there!

I am curious why this would need to be the body background? I’ve done something before where the entire background needed to be full page gradient that grew in height as more sections were added. I had issues trying to apply this to the body so I ended up using a div that contained the gradient and set to auto so it grew in height with the page contents. I then placed all of my sections within that div. This worked very well. You may want to try something like that for your complex background. Maybe using a div as you already have to contain the background visuals and setting it to auto allowing the sections with it to set the height vs using fixed height settings.