Completely confused on the layout/alignment

Hi all!

Ok it’s been about 2 years since I designed my original site so I got a bit rusty. This is my currently published “work” page (I am changing the new to be more sectioned off by category).

Anyway, the divs here are perfect, each section (right and left) stay exactly where I wanted them to and the left is a little longer than the right one — also how I wanted it to be.

Well on the new page, while I was trying to tweak other things, somehow these got all messed up and every time I try to tweak it to fix it, I make it worse!

Could someone please help me with this alignment?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Marina,

You should be able to change the Justify settings of your div-2-projects elements to Space between or Space around.

Hey Perry!

I will try that and see if it solves it all, thanks so much for offering the suggestion!


oops, sorry for using the wrong name, Akeem!

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That worked Akeem!

Another question on this layout, how do I keep it all “locked” in place. Right now when I shrink or increase the size of my browser, the image, title and description stay put in that div, on my new site they all shift around:

Here is what it looks like when I increase:

and when I decrease:

And this is what I want it to be like with the title and description:

Thank you!

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Sorry to keep tagging you, :blush: but I made some progress.

I was able to get them to lock in place, but one thing I can’t seem to figure out is why are the images that are 480 px and 450 px tall not filling in the whole space (if they did, then as you can see in the screenshot the copy would be sitting directly below them like I have it in the live site) I checked the pixel height on each mod and it says the correct pixel number, but not filling it in all the way still…

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Hey, no need to apologise, that’s what the forum is here for :wink:

I noticed inside each Link Block you set the image (the element nested in the link block) width to 100% and then the height is set to a fixed height in pixels. Set the height to 100% as this will make it fill the Link Block and then from there you can set the Link Block to be a set width and height!

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YAY! Such an easy fix—you literally just saved me hours of trying to figure it out!! Thank you Akeem!