Complete redesign on site with user accounts. Best practises?

I’ve done my reading and research but can’t find any advice on this specific scenario.

  • I have the site live.
  • I have restricted content for members only.
  • The membership is run on native Webflow user account setup.
  • I need to redesign the site.
  • The site needs to remain live.
  • The users need to retain access.
  • I do not want to ask the users to migrate or anything complicated for them.

****I have my live site with members signed up in user accounts, so I understand that the usual option; making a completely new site on a clean slate; this is not an option because the user accounts would be lost in the move. Has anybody done this before? Is there a way I can make the new design ‘a template’ and install it on the live site? Other advice/ideas welcome, thanks!

You can copy and paste between projects but there is no other way except building from scratch. It’s a real weak point of the platform compared to swapping out themes in WP or other platforms.

Thank you Jeff. Do I understand correctly - you can copy and paste your user accounts data base between projects?

No. Only design elements in the designer.

Ok so I am looking for best practices in the situation I am in, needing to redesign, need to keep the ‘user accounts’ of the project.

Easiest way to redesign in WF is to delete all classes and start from scratch. You will still have your CMS data.

Sorry I will edit the question for clarity.

If your redesign means buying a template, you’d buy the template, then copy paste elements from the template into your site and wire them up.

Thanks Michael. No I don’t need to install a template, I am redesigning the site and will rebuild on the current CMS/user-base with ClientFirst.

I just can’t understand how Webflow expect you to go about updating a site with users accounts to a whole new design without taking the site ‘down for maintenance’ or similar.

hi @Max_Wilson WF is not WP. One option you can do is to create a new maintenance like homepage and temporarily make it (redirect) as home page. Is this you are looking for?

Just don’t take it down. You’d perform your redesign on the live site, one part at a time.

Thanks Stan. I don’t know anything about WP. The “under maintenance” page is a solution thank you but it’s so far from being ideal.

Aaah I see it now I think “Publishing workflows” is the answer, and it’s just another featured they’ve gated behind Enterprise, I had so much good will toward Webflow in the early days but it is so eroded by these behaviours.

I do not understand why it not ideal but if it is not suitable what are you after I cant thing about something else. When you create “maintenance” page and redirect visitors to this page you can relax and update (redesign) clients site. In WP is used this principle. :man_shrugging:

Good luck with searching more suitable solution. :slight_smile: