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Complete mess Desktop / Laptop

Hey guys!! I’m designing my website most of the time on a huge desktop screen (27") but sometimes I have to use my mac (15") and they never look the same, I’ve read a little bit about it but don’t really understand where I’m making mistakes

Here my site: Webflow - Sacha's Fantabulous Project

Sorry for the mess about my workflow and the site is not even finished yet but I’ve been on webflow for less than a month

Thank you guys!


For a start reset the height for above the fold section. you had it set to 50VH which means that element will only stretch to 50% of the screen height. if everything inside that would usually fill more than 50% of a small laptop screen height then it will start to overlay or underlay other elements.

Reset the height and add some bottom padding or give it a set height that is larger than the contents inside.

then i would possibly add about 60px bottom margin just to give it a nice little space to the next section.

I will look in to the next part with the pink wavy lines as that is quite messy. and could possibly be tidied up to make your life easier when looking for faults.

other than that it looks like a nice website. :smiley:

That’s great. I’m glad it help fix the problem. If you could select it as answered that would help others find a solution quicker if they have the same problem.

Yea it looks great, I like the colours and the product page looks easy to understand.
I like the blue underline on the titles. I may have to use that style sometime. :wink: