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Compatibility mode breaks Webflow site in IE11

I created a new website

I exported all files and posted to another server here

The exported design looks great in Firefox and Chrome but the layout bombs in IE 11. Please take a look and tell me where I messed up. Note… the webflow design is current where the export was put up yesterday so they differ. Since I am a paying member now I can export often and will update the exported version.

Hi @Russell, can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like in IE11? I’m seeing this on Win8/IE11 when browsing

It looks very similar to what I see in Chrome.

Does it seem like the issue is limited to the exported version?

Look at the exported versions here: and in IE 11

This is what I see:

Can you please send me your exact IE version? It should be in ‘About Internet Explorer’. Also, if you go into Developer Tools (I think the shortcut is F12), can you take a screenshot of that as well? That sometimes has ‘Compatibility Mode’ on which downgrades to lower versions of IE. Thanks!

Hi vlad… it is IE 11.0.9600.16518

This is the URL:


Hey vlad… my bad, the compatibility toggle was on for this domain. When untoggled it looks fine. Sorry case closed.