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Compare Table that works on site and mobile

Hi there!

I am a total novice but I do have the help of a designer.

I am looking for a “Compare Table” that we can use to compare two different products with check marks down the columns.

Does anyone know how to add this to our Webflow site so that it also appears properly on mobile?

Preferably something that is not custom.

Thanks so much!!


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Not sure what you are describing. Could you send a screenshot or a graphic of what your idea may look like. By ‘Mobile’ do you mean a cell phone in portrait (vertical) position?
Once the ‘check marks’ are made are you wanting to have that info sent - - - like a contact form with checks boxes or radio buttons.

Thanks for responding Jim!
Here is a sample but I am looking for something even more basic than. this.
Yes! By mobile I mean cell phone in portrait view.
No need to send anything.


I assume the check marks and Xs are part of the page and not something the visitor enters❓
A ‘static’ opposed to a ‘dynamic’ element on a page❓

Yes that’s correct. It would be static.
Just for information purposes. :))

That’s with a GRID inside a div using dummy text and the only two small icons I could fine - of course just use your own.

Thanks very much Jim. Definitely a good start!

Does Webflow not have this as an option?

Nope - Not pre-made. Another option is a paragraph for your text + a check image + an X image with the ‘display’ set to inline block then adjust spacing to your wishes.

You could always just use Illustrator, Photoshop etc., to lay out an image then just insert it as one element

Yes! That could work…