Compare at price not showing up in Conditional Visibility Filter?

I’m trying to be able to set visibility of “compare at price” and it’s not showing up in my dropdown menu… I thought I was crazy, so I tried looking at one of the ecommerce templates on the webflow website and sure enough, couldn’t find it there either!

If you look at this page… you can see that the sorting element is “set” when you click on the “Sale” icon…

but if you scroll through the sorting, the option doesn’t come up. So if you set it to something else, then you wouldn’t be able to restore it back to the original “compare at price is set”.

Is something broken in the webflow backend? Can anyone confirm this bug?


Hi, @Bodwa

Thank you so much for reaching out and bringing this issue to our attention.

This is definitely not expected behavior — I think you’re right that this is a bug. I’ve reported it over to our the Team.

Though I do not yet have a timeline on when the fix will be available, I’d be happy to let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your patience :bowing_man:

I also have this issue I posted about this Compare at price on the 9th of July.

Would you be able to assist me too?

Thank you Kaj

Hi @Kajv!

Thanks for reaching out!

No update on this yet. Our team is working hard to find a solution.

Will update you as soon as I have more information!

Hi @johnramos, any update on this yet? I have also encountered this problem recently.


Has anyone been able to find a solution for this? My client wants to set up sales for Black Friday!

Please help! :pray:


I managed to create my sale price using Multi reference.

If anyone needs guidance i can help. :grinning:


Yes please show us how to do it - I want to start my sale now !!
Why doesnt the conditionals work as advertised her:

Hi Simon.

I added a ‘sale’ tag on the products that are on sale, so it is easy to condition the prices.

I then added three text blocks to add the prices on the product page like this:

I added a sub class to each text block and conditioned them.

The first one is classed as product price - get text from product price and the condition is:

Then you’ll be left with the 2 prices. The one I classed with the line (crossed price) - get text from compare-at-price and conditioned :

and the last price (red) - get text from price and conditioned like this:

This is the only way I got this to work.

Here is my share only link so you can see how I did it:

I have no idea why the Webflow feature is not working correctly. But my client needs to start their sales and this is the only workaround I found that worked.

Hope it makes sense and helps you too.


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@johnramos - What is the status of the bug. Has it been resolved?