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Hello My website is at

As you can see when you access the Newsroom articles, most of the articles are doubled up in Chrome. They are duplicated if full with the navigation bar and article. I’m not sure what had caused this issue. I was only trying to add a new page in newsroom/product releases however I noticed when I tried to create a new page in the CMS tab on the left under the correct category it just doubled the image. Shortly after I realized my actions had caused the website to bug out and double the remaining articles even though I never touched nor edited a single one of them. What could have caused this?

Can somebody please help me. Has this ever happened to anyone before? How can I fix this issue?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Where are you seeing something being doubled?

Once you click on the link itself to the articles. The only category that it doesn’t double up on seems to be the product release section

Ah ha. Got you.

We’re going to need a read-only link for your project.

Thank you for taking a look at it. It is crucial that I get this squared away as fast as possible.

I believe this is your problem right here. What is this code supposed to be doing?

What page are you under? I see a Column 1 and 6 under Newsroom

Here’s exactly where you can find it.

You Sir are the Best! I really owe you one. That took care of the problem. It’s very strange because I never once placed that code there. It seems as tho the template bug’d out when I tried to create a new page under my product release category. If I try once more and this very same problem happens would there be a alternative solution to add an newsroom product release article?

I would just hate to try and do it via the CMS option again and have some random Javascript form amongs my pages that breaks my site up again as such and then it’s back to the forums for answers. Are you familair with what would cause it?

Thank you so much, you’re a blessing

I have no idea how it could have gotten in there.

I’d suggest someone from Webflow take a look at the template you used and see if the code is in there.


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