Companies logo grid


I’m trying to build that kind of logos grid with modal pop-up on-click, and active filter by partner type: Community

What is the best method to approach it ?
Should I build that kind of application, host it on another server and embed it using IFrame or the is a way to create something similar on ?

Sincerely Ronen

Hey Ronen,

The filter is a simple tab section. For this one you can use the pre build tab component from webflows “add element”-list on the left side.

For the modal popup you have to play around with interactions. How to do this is well described in this blog post from @Mat

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much, it works well…
But how can I inject the company details to the modal by click ?
If some one press on the logo, the modal should display the company details.

Also, every tab is a collection, can I display in another tab all collections together ?