Community member of the week: Will Neetson

Hi everyone! It’s time to feature another great member of our community. For this week we have Will Neeteson. @WillNeeteson is an illustrator and designer has been with us since August 2016.

Will’s journey started when he graduated from high school and attended design school in Amsterdam. He loved drawing and dreamt of becoming an animator for Disney or Pixar. Will quickly realized fine arts wasn’t for him and switched his focus to product and graphic design.

His first project was a logo for his father’s family business. Will’s father wanted a website to go with the logo, but quotes for a basic website from established agencies were beyond what Will’s dad could afford. That’s when Will decided to learn web design and build his dad’s site with Muse.

But as web design evolved and embraced media queries and responsive design, Will noticed that Muse couldn’t keep up. In 2016, he began searching for a tool that could handle responsive sites. That’s when he found Webflow.

Will rebuilt his dad’s site with Webflow in one day — he was thrilled! Quickly switching between breakpoints and making small design tweaks sped up his workflow drastically.

We’re happy to have Will in the Webflow community and can’t wait to see more of his work.


That’s me! Thank you again @PixelGeek for the great interview and for mentioning me here, happy to be part of such an amazing community :slight_smile: