Community member of the week: Kristine Paulsen

Here is our second featured community member of the week :slight_smile: If you’d like to be featured, send me a DM


@KPMT is the featured community member this week. She works full-time as a photographer with a strong background in journalism as well. Kristine loves the visual arts and was drawn to web design from a very early age.

Kristine created her first website when she was only 16, hand-coding all the HTML and hosting the site on Angelfire. She built the site to help find the owner of a lost dog, named Opie, and reunite them. Kristine became fascinated by the process of building the website and was inspired to continue learning and coding HTML.

Unfortunately, Opie’s owner was never found. However, Kristine was able to keep him and hold onto her passion for the site she created for him that gained a decent following online. She then continued to update the site with photos, videos, and stories about Opie.

Kristine maintained web design as a hobby throughout high school and college. During grad school; however, Kristine used her web design skills to help create a stand-out master’s thesis. Following graduation, she pursued journalism until 2008.

After being laid off from her job in journalism that year, Kristine decided to pursue her passion for photography with her own freelance business.

She created a website using SiteGrinder, but never fully understood CSS. She then started using Adobe Muse until she learned about the sunsetting of Muse, embarking to find another program.

Kristine was first introduced to Webflow on a Muse community Facebook group. She watched the Webflow University videos for a day, and immediately started rebuilding her site in Webflow, finding it more powerful and quicker than Muse, which just leads to an overall better design experience.

We’re thrilled that Kristine has joined our community and is finding it both inviting and helpful. We wish her the best of luck in her business and look forward to interacting with her in the Webflow community going forward.


Thanks for the feature and kind words, @PixelGeek ! It was great chatting with you! :slight_smile:

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