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Commit Symbols to a Page

As of right now - symbols work just like a file you might include with PHP. Meaning: if you make a change - all pages that include or require that file get updated with the changes. (Such as header.php or footer.php)

It would streamline the workflow a lot I think if symbols could be committed. In other words, if you drag a symbol onto a page, you can commit it and it becomes static code on that page with all references to the original symbol being dropped. That way, it can be edited to the heart’s content without changing the actual symbol. And if it was something that didn’t need to be customized - then it would not be committed by the user and stay a symbol.

I know multiple symbols can be created. However, quite a few websites today use many of the same elements on multiple pages. Classes solve this for basic architecture, but I think this idea would allow more complex elements to be accessible without having to refer to the plethora of classes and so forth.

Thanks for considering.

Hey, what I think you are looking for is the unlink option.

Drag the symbol onto the page select it an then unlink it from the other symbols.

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Hi there,

You can! see below using the example of my recent new clonable template Slick -, you click the “unlink” button in the symbols panel:


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Oh my Lord. lol I can’t believe I didn’t see that. I even explicitly spent a good deal of time searching for it!
That is awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Thanks to both of you. : )

Maybe I should do more research before my next suggestion. : )