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Commenting system: integrate Discourse and Webflow


I can see there are ways to integrate Discourse as the commenting system for Wordpress and Ghost, which is really impressive and awesome. The company i work for originally choose Ghost as the platform to deploy our blog but recently they changed their mind and now we want to use Webflow as our blog system.

I can’t find any resource regarding an effective integration between Discourse as the commenting system in a Webflow blog but we really want to keep the possibility of having a system which works kinda Ghost+Discourse integration where a new article in Ghost blog turns into a nice topic in Discourse forum and comments are done via Discourse and updated on blog.

Is there a way we can integrate this way a Webflow blog with Discourse? No Zapier please :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!!

P.S: we do not have setup yet our blog with Webflow because we need to be sure about a couple of things before: this is one of those “things” :slight_smile:

Just to check - do you mean Discord? Discourse is standalone forum software, I wasn’t aware that there was any way of integrating it.

Thanks for your quick reply. Discord no: Discourse…and yes i know is standalone forum software but there are ways to have Discourse as the commenting system of a blog powered by Ghost or even Wordpress: when you create a new blog entry automatically it turns into a nice Discourse topic and each reply on this topic is a reply to that blog entry(replies in forum automatically appear under the article on your blog post)…if someone wants to reply on your blog, he/she needs to signup first to your forum of course.

Something like this:

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That’s really cool! Sorry for my mistake - I had no idea this was possible. I’m afraid I can’t help regarding integration (or not) into Webflow in that case.

No problem! Thanks for your time. Webflow is an awesome piece of code…i really hope there is some way to achieve what we need. :pray: :+1:

I may be getting somewhere actually. Just spent 5-10 mins on it and have gotten as far as a semi-working embed. It keeps getting stuck though, think I’m making an error with the URL in the code snippet. I’ll keep you informed.


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Thanks! I’ll wait then! :pray: :+1:

Well, I can’t seem to figure this out I’m afraid. Here is what I’ve done so far (apologies for blanking out some of it, I am not in a position to share the Discourse Forum URL that I have used, but replace this with your own). Maybe this gives you enough of a head start that you can figure it out?


Create a new project, add a CMS collection to it. Open up the CMS template page, and add an HTML Embed element (adapt this concept as required for your own project). I applied a min width and a min height to the HTML Embed just to ensure all content is visible.


Following the instructions you linked to, I adapted it slightly. The full “Allowed Hosts” is: I used a path whitelist of /.*


Enter the code snippet that it gives you into the HTML Embed that you set up earlier. Utilising Webflow CMS, you can use the “Add Field” option to insert the Slug dynamically, as I have.

This is as far as I’ve gotten I’m afraid. This gives me the “Loading Discussion” notice that I posted further up, but I can’t figure out why it’s stuck on this.

P.S as I mentioned I had to remove the Discourse URL that I used, so if you do happen to try and navigate to the live site I’ve used as an example, this is why there it is blank.


Thanks, i guess i will try using our own Discourse forum and a Webflow test instance. Thanks very much for your efforts and so quick replies my friend! Will let you know how is the test going on. :+1: :grinning:

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Awesome, good luck! If I get more time to try I will, but please do let me know how you get on as I’d love to know what the solution is