Comment tool team getting bombarded by Webflow marketers

We’re getting close to releasing our new website, so I sent an invite out to a bunch of our company principals to add comments to the website with the comment tool. This required that they each have their own Webflow account, which didn’t seem like a big deal for just commenting on a website.

What is a big deal is that every principal has received marketing emails, marketing calls, and multiple Linkedin connection requests from Webflow staff. I keep getting calls and emails from our management asking why they are receiving these communications when they have nothing to do with the website design (I’m the sole designer/coder/layout/etc person at the company).

Webflow desperately needs a way to add commenters to a website that doesn’t require a Webflow login or at the very least has a setting for “I’m just commenting! Leave me alone!”. The number of complaints I received doesn’t look good for Webflow. Even worse, it shined a negative eye on me, with managers asking why I chose the platform to begin with.

Due to the overabundance of complaints, I’ve had to convert the entire website to a multi-page PDF for every page of our website for mangement to comment on since other managers were warned “Do not sign up for a webflow account!” and are refusing to sign up. That was a giant time sink, and I’ll have to do it again after every set of revisions.

Can you please add a “Guest” comment login or something?

Connection requests from Webflow staff is odd, but surely they can opt out of email marketing notifications in their settings? Also not sure how they would have acquired phone numbers since phone numbers are not asked for during account sign up.

Not sure how they connected the dots to get the phone numbers unless it was 2-factor authorization phone numbers that they used for marketing or the Linkedin phone numbers. The vice president of the company received three different Linkedin requests and a phone call, and others received phone calls, but not sure about Linkedin requests. Marketing emails weren’t the biggest problem.

EDIT: Yep, everyone who received a call was on LinkedIn with their phone number in their Linkedin contact info.

EDIT2: I was just informed that one of the managers doesn’t have a phone number (or any contact info) on Linkedin so they don’t know how they got the number. The call came in very shortly after signing up with my website comment invitation.