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I need a feature for a website that allows visitors to comment and review. I checked the forum, I tried Kudobuzz and Disqus.

I would like something with stars review and comment. Kudobuzz is close but it is not looking quite like I need. I need a look more like Disqus.

Does anyone know another option easy to implement?

Hey @Alexander_von_Stauff,

I hope this reply isn’t late. May I know specifically, where Kudobuzz does not meet your needs?



For that particular prject the design, I was looking for something with a design similar to Disqus.

Understood, @Alexander_von_Stauff

We’re sorry we don’t have such specifications on our system. Aside Disqus itself, we are not aware of any similar products. All the best!

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Take a look at

@Naanab could you help me with how to install KudoBuzz. I have a CMS collection of listings and I embedded the product widget on my CMS template page but it doesnt seem to be working. Here is a link to my project:

Hey @mchimuka ! Wanted to also let you know about Monto Reviews (disclaimer: I’m a cofounder). We make a product/CMS review app specifically for Webflow sites and shops. The main advantage is that we allow Webflow-level customization and can hook directly into your site, so no third party workflows required to maintain. Getting set up only takes a couple minutes at most.

Would love to give you an extended free trial if you want to give it a try! Please reach out at if I can help you get set up and going.

Thanks @Monto, will drop you an email.

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Hi @Alexander_von_Stauff

If you are still not able to find what you are looking for then I have been through a review widget which will be useful for you.
Hope it will help you as well
Give it a shot: Embed Facebook Review Widget Free On Website | Tagembed