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Comic style website

Hello I am brand new to Webflow. I have tried all kinds of tools to build a site and I think I finally found the one!

Some of the stuff that took me hours to write in CSS I did in minutes with this tool.

The code it generates is very clean as well. Really impressive.

What is the most efficient way to build a site like this []

Each thumbnail links to a comic. Should I use floats like this guy or should I use flexbox? Or some other method?


Hi @Daytripper, welcome to Webflow :slight_smile:

For myself personally, I like to first pick a few layout ideas from here:

I also try to think of the kinds of data collections that I want to create, to help populate the layout:

Next I like to start thinking of the content I am going to place and the effects using Interactions.

After having the foundation down, I like to then style indivdual divs and elements nested inside of the layout structures.

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