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.com domain not redirecting

Hi All,

Hoping a post to the forum might assist with solving a problem I’m having with domain redirect.

Below is a screen grab of current host settings for project.

The website is live and working well. Our problem is that the .com version is not redirecting to the website.

In particular, it’s only the **https://** URL that isn’t redirecting. The is working, but web browsers don’t default to this non-secure version when typing into browser search bars. So, we need, by default, to naturally redirect to

Some questions/observations I have are:

  1. I didn’t think you could flag two domains as DEFAULT. Could this be causing the issue?
  2. Crazy Domains have confirmed all settings are correct and active on their end. They do make the observation that the IP A records for is different to the other standard A records for Webflow. Is this important?

At a loss to find a solution to this redirect issue. If anyone has any ideas, don’t be shy!