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Colums Layout don´t display in phone portrait with the width desired

Im trying to do a list options. Each list should have a title, an img, a number% and an im:
age (background image)
something like this:

but in phone portait I can achive made the colums layout respect the proportions asigned for the colums (no space for title)

This is what I´ve select:

¿How can I do for display it in phone portrait with the same colums proportions (space) like in desktop?

Many thanks

Welcome to the forums @vfaulkner! Other people have requested this same feature and we are working on making it easier to do custom grid options for smaller devices.

In the meantime there is a fully-customizable way of doing this using Floats and Percentage Widths. Check out the link below. You can call it a work-around for now, even though some may say this is the correct way of laying out your design:

The only thing is that you have to do some math to figure out what percentage width to make all the Div Blocks fit so it adds up to 100% when Floating. Ex: 70% + 10% + 10% + 10% = 100%

Let us know if this helps!

Many thanks @thesergie, it helps me. I´ve add direclty in your example another DivBlock floated left for test and modify the % of div block 10%, 60% and 20% It works perfect for default view

but in portrait, it doen´t work. I don´t know what could be wrong, the % are sum 100%, every DivBlock is floating left

Many thanks

We have a default width set for empty elements. Drag+drop something into that empty block and it should work!

Thanks @thesergie it works! :wink: