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Columns of text same height and responsive

I’m trying to get four columns with photos and text to be the same height but also be responsive when you make the screen different sizes. I don’t want to set them all to a specific size because then it’s not responsive when you manually make the screen different sizes (above tablet.) and when I use VH and VW and make page smaller the text goes over the columns and looks horrid! Help!?

(the four columns under “Choose your cruise”

@sabanna would you happen to know?

I would make that:

  • row display: flex with height: auto,
  • columns height: auto,
  • put actual images inside the “coose” divs and make that divs height: auto.
  • yet you can set font size inside that columns about 1vw and line height 1.5-1.6 (without px)


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@Sabanna, yet again you are a genius! Thank you!

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