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Columns not stacking! HELP!

Hello I have been trying to get my columns to stack on smaller device views, BUT ITS NOT and I have been trying all day long! super frustrating and I would super appreciate any help, Please!

Here is a view only link… THE PAGE IS LISTED AS “20% Sell”

Hi @Levi123,

Are you referring to the text box ‘20%’? (next to your form block)

If so, there is an issue with the font size vs line height.

If you change the line height to 1-, then the text box will inherit the size of the font and you will be able to style the padding/margin as you desire.


If I can guess correctly, may I suggest this?

with column settings widths at 7 and 5.
Heading 715 - I changed the Height to 200. Play with your inside padding with that Div too.