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Columns in landscape version do not align correctly

Hi, on landscape version I see the rows not aligning correctly and I don’t see where the error is. It is a row that has 4 columns, and column 3 and 4 are not alinged well. Here is a screenshot of how I see it on my phone:

this is the website:, and the shared link:

I hope someone can help me check it.


Hi @aerismel, thanks for the detailed post. May I ask what kind phone you are using so that I may check and test this?

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave, I am using an android phone. Samsung s5 mini with kitkat. However, you can see the issue from within webflow when you go to the landscape view on the “tutoriales” page. Maybe you can also take a look in there.

Thank you very much. I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Hi @aerismel, try this, switch to mobile landscape mode and remove the class “div cap box” class from your element. I hope this helps:)

Cheers, Dave

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Hi Dave, that kind of worked. But I actually had to change the class to a new one and that’s how I made it work. thanks as always!