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Columns aren't becoming horizontal in tablet/mobile when I click the toggle

I’m having some issues with adjusting columns for mobile/tablet view -

When I click the toggle under “columns options” to make the three columns stack vertically instead of horizontally in tablet and mobile, the column width is resizing a few px but not adjusting like they normally do. I’ve made sure that the height of the section that the columns are nested is set to “auto”, as well as the height of the columns. I’m not sure what else to try or why it isn’t working as usual. Has anyone else come across this and successfully addressed it?

Thank you!

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Hey Ellen — welcome to the Forums! :slight_smile:

On your Columns 3 element, try changing your Flex settings on the Tablet breakpoint to Vertical — it’s currently horizontal. Everything else looks correct to achieve the look I think you’re wanting!

Let me know if that resolves your issue!

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Ahh yup, that worked. So simple :sweat_smile:


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