Column within Dropdown - responsive?

Has any created column within dropdown and put different li within it and was able to make it responsive ?

appreciate if anyone can share any successful experience.


Hello @ronn

Can you share an example of what you’re trying to achieve?

I don’t have any example and what i mentioned above is just an idea I was thinking to implement. But thought many may have already done it so asked if anyone can share their experience.

pseudo element structure…

Navbar -> Dropdown -> li -> div-wrapper -> image + Text + Text

But the structure ended up being not responsive for mobile devices.

make sense ?

@ronn great question! Since you’re not able to nest an unordered list within a dropdown, what I recommend is just setting your dropdown links to 50% width and float: left. You can actually drop in link blocks within a dropdown list (you can nest elements within a link block as well link text, and images).

Here’s a quick example :slight_smile:

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