Column layout not displaying correctly on mobile

Hey all! I’d so appreciate some help on this as it’s really not making sense to me.

Under ‘team’ I have columns, and on mobile the third column in the first row isn’t displaying correctly. The white overlay and text should align with the photo background (as it shows in the first two columns), but it’s going too far above the designated area, into the second column on the first row. Paul Harlan is the person whose bio I’m trying to have look like the other two (Luke and Brooks).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @laceykesler, see if this helps your thought process:

Sorry if it is a bit long. When I work to fix I talk through what I am doing. lol

Happy Designing,


Thank you so much @QA_Brandon!

To answer your questions: it’s not my first site, but it was a rush job (I did it in less than a day) because they were completely done with WP. Now that we’re making new changes to the site, I’m going to take my time and actually set it up as I normally would if I had in the time in the first place. I can’t wait to use grid/cms on it.

I’m going to finish going through your video. Thank you again!

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@laceykesler you are very welcome. If you have any other questions feel free to @ me directly within your feed!