Colours not showing correctly

My project isnt showing the correct colours its like 1 of the primary colours isnt there!

Ive made a loom video so you can maybe point me in the right direction


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi @Media_Force

You haven’t shared your read only link so it is impossible to trouble shoot, however it looks like you are previewing your project with one of the colour disorder mode previews on.

Try setting it to none and see if that helps.

All the best

Weird! Possible these elements (or a parent) has the “Hue Rotate” filter applied to it?

Thanks guy’s yea it was an element has the “Hue Rotate” filter!!! lol

I have another problem for some reason the mobile version has some side action going on, its so frustrating, pretty sure its something that has the wrong size somewhere but cant find it.


Your email address in the footer is wider than the viewport. You can easily fix this by making the two columns into one.

Thanks! Should have seen that one! :slight_smile: