Coloured "URL-area"


Please see screen shots. On some of my pages the top of my page gets the same colour as my page, but at some it remains white. How can I fix so it gets the colour?

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Mateas, you’ll need to share your readonly project link for help.

Hi! Sure!

Ah I see, you’re talking about the header area in the browser itself.
That will depend on the browser and the device, so I can’t reproduce it the same way you are seeing.

However my guess would be that it may be a function of;

  • Scroll position on the page
  • Background color of the body
  • Possibly div positioning of the colored element, e.g. absolute, sticky, relative

Thanks! Yes, the header in the browser.

The pages where that area’s colour corresponds with the background colour of the site is where the body is coloured. These pages also don’t pull the colour from the CMS.

The pages where that area’s colour doesn’t correspond with the background colour of the site is where the background colour is pulled from the CMS, and that the backround colour is within a collection list instead of the body.

Is there a way to label the collection list colour within Webflow so the browser and device understands that this is the colour it should replicate in that area?

Again, you have to research your target device here.

If you want to update the body’s background color to match a color you’re storing in the CMS, you could do that via custom code.

Ok, thanks, I’ll do some experimenting!